5 Steps To Planning A Show

1) The goal of the Show?

  1. Do you want to display your brand to your audience?
  2. Do you want to introduce your message or service to your audience?
  3. Does your event need some form of Entertainment?

2) Content and Duration of the Show?

What kind of information do you want to display and how much time is needed to do this? Our recommendation is not to make any show to long and getting your audience bored. The

3) Who is your audience?

Your audience defines the kind of show you need to perform. An audience of +55 years old doctors or senior management needs another type of show than a relatively young sales team. A Family-oriented gathering differs from a rave

4) What kind of equipment is recommended

The equipment and its power are always set upon the size of the venue and the number of the crowd attending the show. This to ensure the safety of the audience and to tailor budget your offer. You simply don’t need a 30.000 Ansi Lumen Projector if you are going to display on a 10 x 6m wall.

5) Budgeting

Pls, tell us your calculated budget in order to speed up the offer and to avoid misunderstanding calculating the equipment. We can tailor our offer according to almost any reasonable budget allocated.

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