Laseronics is a US based Lasershow company with office in the USA, Cairo, Bahrain and Dubai. Our offices in the MIddle East serve you with any needs for your corporate event, festival or private event. We use solid state lasers with the newest scanning technology and the best software in the world to guarantee the best possible outcome for your event.CompanyProfile

Laseronics uses state of the art equipment to fulfill highest requirements of our clients. Laser projection systems and computer controlled software systems such as Pangolin's LD2000 or Beyond are always updated to highest reliability to ensure the success of ALL our productions. Our equipment is specially engineered to meet the requirements of such a harsh environment like the Middle East. We have Lasers for any kind of event at any scale for every location.

We also offer rental of any equipment that is necessary to enhance your event


Lasers available are high-power YAG, Multicolor and DPSS Lasers, Air cooled. In combination with newest software such as Pangolin and Beyond, exceptional high-speed scanners, flicker-free and brilliant colouring is guaranteed.

Waterscreens & Watercurtain

- Probably the largest Waterscreen in the Middle East is available for your big scale events. The screens projection area is 38x17m. - Watercurtain (18x6m projection area) for small or medium sized events.

Video Projector & LED Walls

30.000 Ansi Lumen Barco, 15.000 Ansi Lumen Sanyo, 1.000 - 5.000 Ansi Lumen Sony and Panasonic

We have all your requirement for your LED Walls (Indoor and Outdoor)


All known brands, such as Martin,HiEnd, Robe, SGM and many other lighting fixtures such as Profilers, Beams, Washers etc.


Rental of Loudspeakers and other audio related products.