Laseronics is a US based Lasershow company with office in the USA, Cairo, Bahrain and Dubai. Our offices in the MIddle East serve you with any needs for your corporate event, Festival or private party. We use solid state lasers with the newest scanning technology and the best software in the world to guarantee the best possible outcome for your event.

Festivals in the Middle East- Why us?

Laseronics Design Interstellar has performed at some of the biggest Events and Festivals in Egypt and the Middle East. We had millions of spectators watching our show at the 50th Egyptian anniversary day of the Egyptian Revolution in Cairo over the Nile. Other events as the opening of the Egyptian Media Production City with President Mubarak have been broadcasted in 20 different countries via TV. The African Soccer Cup of Nations opening ceremony in which we performed a huge laser show was broadcasted all over the world and a great success. Further we had shows in other Countries such as Libya, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Pakistan, India and much more.

Laseronics also performed twice in a row at the "Jeddah Festival" in Saudi Arabia. Whether it is a national day, a celebration or a sport event, Laseronics is ready to meet all your expectations with an attractive themed laser show. Laseronics is fully equipped to perform for you with the necessary laser equipment and custom made laser-art at any place in Asia, Africa or the Middle East.

Below are samples of movies displaying our shows