Laseronics is a US based Lasershow company with office in the USA, Cairo, Riyadh and Dubai. Our offices in the Middle East serve you with any needs for your corporate event, festival or private event. We use solid state lasers with the newest scanning technology and the best software in the world to guarantee the best possible outcome for your event.CompanyProfile

You deserve the best LaserGraphic Show!

We understand that companies regardless of size, scope or industry sector are making enormous investments when they opt to host an event. In turn these investments must net solid results, appeal to a distinct target audience, and epitomize the client message that they seek to communicate.Therefor we offer for each client a custom made offer, with over 100.000 animations and frames you can choose either from our stock or we can do a custom Laser Graphic Show for your event, presentation or product launch.

Why a Lasershow?

Laser light is the only medium that can create text, imagery and atmospherics at the same time. We can project Logos, messages and create an astonishing launch of your product, surround it with Laser light video, effects, sound effects and present it in an unforgettable way. Laser show and displays have proven to be successful in making an impact to the person seeing the display!

Below are samples of movies displaying our shows